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Spectrum Genius PC Standard

Spectrum Genius PC Standard – PC software for Lighting Passport

Create a complete and professional measurement report of all measured values with the Spectrum Genius Standard (free with the purchase of a Lighting Passports Standard Set / Flaghship Set).

Features in detail:

  • Import of measurement data via iTunes, email or direct-access (only Android version)
  • Tabular representation of measured values ​​from single or multiple measurements
  • Evaluation of
    • Max., Min., Range and Avg. of CIE_x, CIE_y, CIE_u´, CIE_v´Spektrum Genius Standard software for Lightinpassport
    • Colour temperature CCT
    • Colour Rendering Index CRI
    • Illuminance (Lux)
    • Peak-wavelength
    • TLCI(Qa)
    • GAI
  • Diagrammatic representation of
    • CIE1931
    • CIE1976
    • Chromaticity according to ANSI or IEC (McAdams)
    • CRI as radar or bar
  • Rel. Intensity on wavelength (color spectrum)
  • Filter function by Max / Min – Values
  • Evaluation of up to 10 data sets at the same time
  • Export as a CSV file for further processing, for example, in Excel
  • Save the diagrams as image
  • Update function: Checks the timeliness of your software and provides latest software version for download
  • Language can be changed during the analysis

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More features offers the software Spectrum Genius Advanced