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Spectrum Genius PC Advanced

Spectrum Genius PC Advanced

Expand the possibilities of your Lighting Passports with the PC Software Spectrum Advanced Genius for professional display of measured values on the notebook or PC. Creates a full measurement report as a print file.

The software is supplied with a USB dongle and includes advanced features in the field of analysis and evaluation.

Features in detail:

  • Import of measurement data via iTunes, email or direct-access (only Android version)
  • Tabular representation of measured values ​​from single or multiple measurements
  • Evaluation of
    • Max., Min., Range and Avg. of CIE_x, CIE_y, CIE_u´, CIE_v´
    • Colour temperature CCT
    • Colour Rendering Index CRI
    • CQS (Q1 – Q15)
    • Illuminance (Lux)
    • Peak-wavelength
    • Dominant wavelength
    • TLCI(Qa)
    • GAI
    • Purity
    • FWHM, PPFD, SP-Ratio
  • Diagrammatic representation ofSpektrum Genius Advanced Software for Lighting Passport Smart Spectrometer
    • CIE1931
    • CIE1976
    • Chromaticity according to ANSI or IEC (McAdams)
    • CRI as radar or bar
  • Rel. Intensity on wavelength (color spectrum)
  • Filter function by Max / Min – Values
  • Save the diagrams as image
  • Graphical comparison of measurement traces
  • Normalization of the measured values
  • Change the line colour with the color palette generator
  • Evaluation of up to 10 data sets at the same time
  • Export as a CSV file for further processing, for example, in Excel
  • Zoom function (higher resolution)
  • Coordinate display
  • Adding a light source benchmark for comparing the measurement data
  • Select the CCT line: Planckian curve and iso temperature lines
  • Setting the colour of the coordinate point in the CIE diagram and the spectral lines
  • Update function: Checks the timeliness of your software and provides latest software version for download
  • Language can be changed during the analysis


Spectrum Genius PC Instruction