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Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting – SGAL

Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting -Determine the efficiency of grow light

Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting (SGAL) is a professional app to analyze growth lamps and horticultural lighting.

SGAL allows user checking the grow light distribution at each wavelengths. The worldwide first smart spectrometer, Lighting Passport, SGAL will provide several unique features for users:

  • “PAR Action Spectrum Benchmark“ – helps to analyze the target growth light source more effective
  • Weighted Spectrum“, helps to choose more efficient growth light -> the plants grow healthier
  • Check the measurement spectrum and active radiation spectrum to analyze the effectiveness of growth light source with the two spectral comparison

SGAL Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting App for grow light checking


SGAL provide all necessary measurement information

  • Import PAR Reference
    Import your original PAR reference to SGAL by PC, and Asensetek will also update the built-in PAR reference continuously.
  • Custom PPFD range
    Users can customize the PPFD range, which will help them effectively sieve out their need from numerous growth light commodities.


More efficiency – through these functions

  • PAR Reference – understand the real needs of plants
    SGAL has built several PAR Action Spectrum Benchmarks for users checking. With this feature, users can directly check the needs of the plants being cultivated by comparing the measurement spectrum and Benchmark’s spectrum.
  • Weighted spectrum – no more excess and deficiency
    When users select their needed PAR reference, SGAL will automatically compute the YPFD of each wavelength and weighted spectrum. This feature helps users choose more efficient growth light, helping the plants grow healthier.
  • Comparison Mode – Your product’s advantage is obvious
    Check two different grow light source, and compare their original spectrum, weighted spectrum, PPFD, YPFD, Efficiency, R/B, R/FR, CCT, CRI(Ra), Illuminance, λp, λD; user also can check the PPFD and YPFD value of each peak wavelength by slide the slider.
  • Email Share – the essential of mobile generation
    With the mobile email system, the measurement data can be sent immediately to your designated users, and the unique “Smart Pass“ function also allows users who have SGAL app to import the email shared measurement data.

Lighing Passport SGAL App funktions SGAL App Lighing Passport Weighted SpectrumSGAL App Lighing Passport Smart Pass


Flexible Measurement Mode

  • Diary Mode:
    Recording the light source information and growth change day by day, helps user to make an intelligent management and analyze those data to improve efficiency and quality.SGAL App Lighing Passport Measurement options
  • Single:
    For measuring unitary light source
  • Multiple:
    For averaging more than one light sources



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