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Asensetek Spectrometer Videos

Videos from the handheld spectrometer lighting passport from the manufacturer Asensetek:


Lighting Passport – Precision, Smart and Evolving


Lighting Passport is created by a new instrument concept, it combine the smart device with the professional spectrum meter by the Bluetooth (BLE 4.0), with this system, Lighting Passport can be constantly updated and improved, and the measurement functions can also be expanded unceasingly


Lighting Passport Video


In this video from the Asensetek Lighting Passport handheld spectrometer is presented . All benefits easily and Enforcers

  • Size and weight of the handheld spectrometer     
  • The high accuracy of the measurements    
  •  Reports with the spectrum Genius  PC Software 
  • The flexibility with the spectrophotometer         
  • The comparison of different light sources     
  • Simple transmission of data via e-mail
  • And much more about the Smart spectrometer

Lighting Passport PRO Product Demo & Launch Pad

Lighting Passport PRO with NEW FUNKTIONS

  • Presentation Lighting Passport Pro Products

  • Overview of Purpose

  • Asking the associated apps

  • Information about the 80 + paramenters



Presentation of Asensetek Lightingpassport products


  • Presentation Lighting Passport Sets Standard and Flagship     
  • Delivery and the use of accessory     
  • Guidance for the use of the products     
  • In addition, the PC software spectrum Genius is introduced and explained .


Target Group Videos:


The Lighting Passport handheld spectrometer are easy to use, easy to handle and very universal. The uses for the smart spectrometers are extremely diverse. The following videos provide an overview where and by whom the spectrometer can be used:



  • Lighting Passport in use in quality assessment of bulbs







  • Lighting Passport deployed in sales     
  • how do you present the goods in the right light


Lighting Passport in use in research and development


  • Lighting Passport in use for lighting designers




Lighting Passport in use in film production