Lighting Passport Gatekeeper

LightingPassport Gatekeeper – a powerful spectrometer designed for quality control and batch testing in lighting production lines

Powerful light spectrometer for quality control in the production of lamps and luminaires.


  • Big illuminance range
  • Lighting Passport gatekeeper incl. USB cable and mounting plate
  • Create professional measurement reports
  • included PC software SG gatekeeper at a set price
  • robust constructio
  • for industrial applications
  • large illuminance range of 20lux – 200,000 Lux
  • used for spectral measurement of various lighting equipment services
  • Filter functions for defined Limits

The Lighting Passport Gatekeeper spectrometer is the most versatile tool for batch testing in the lighting production line.

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Powerful PC Software

Spectrum Genius Gatekeeper PC Software connects to your Lighting Passport Gatekeeper and allows the analysis of your data by using your own customizable filters.
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Industrial-Grade Design
stronger and more durable
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Ingress Protection

Rated at IP54
Industrial Connector

IP67 industrial-grade USB3.0 connector

 Generate Reports

easily generate and print reports with the powerful PC software.

User-Friendly Software
Spectrum Genius Gatekeeper

Quality Check
 perfect tool for the lighting production line with binning and pass or fail functions.

 20 – 200.000 Lux

PC Control
Measure multiple light sources semi-automatically and precisely


How Lighting Passport Gatekeeper works – easy and fast

Install Spectrum Genius Gatekeeper
The PC Software, Spectrum Genius Gatekeeper, allows you to control your Lighting Passport Gatekeeper spectrometer and display your results.
Connect your Lighting Passport Gatekeeper
Connect your spectrometer with your PC using the fast and steady industrial USB connector.
Take a measurement
Measure and test the quality of your lights for parameters including CCT, CRI, R1~R15, Spectrum, TM-30-15 CIE1931 and CIE1976.


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