Lighting Navigator

Lighting Navigator – the easiest way for successful lighting projects:

The manufacturer Asensetek is introducing an innovative spectrometer on the market: Lighting Navigator
With the help of an app for smartphones, users can place the Lighting Navigator under any light source,
to carry out remote measurements, to acquire light data and to check whether the lighting fulfills different lighting standards. Various standards of the individual countries are deposited for this purpose. This makes it easy to check whether the existing installation meets the standards.
The meter is very compact and can be used anytime, anywhere.


Applications of Lighting Navigator:

  • Check the specifications of a lamp or light
  • measurement of existing light installation


The Measurement function allows users to quickly obtain CCT, CRI, illuminance, and spectrum data and assess whether a light source meets specified standards based on the user’s selected Filter.


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Specifications Lighting Navigator:

  Size   Width︰63.1 mm
  Depth︰17.5 mm
  Height︰63.1 mm
  Net Weight   92 g ± 1 g (with stand)
  Wavelength Range   380 ~ 780 nm
  Illuminance Range   Measurable:︰5 ~ 50,000 lux 
  Optical Resolution (FWHM)   10 nm
  (@ 1,000 lux Standard Light Source)
  CCT:± 3.5 %
  Illuminance:± 5 %
  Integration Time   6 ms ~ 16 s
  Operating Temperature/
  Humidity Range
  0 ~ 35 °C,

relative humidity under 80 % with no condensation

  Storage Temperature/

  Humidity Range
  -10 ~ 45 °C,

relative humidity of 85 % or less (@ 35 °C) with no condensation

  Main Features   Filter
  Measurement Capability   CCT
  CRI (Ra) 
  R9 – Wert
  IEC-SDCM (MacAdams)
  Other Features   Photograph, Note, Auto Connection, 
  Standard Estimation, GPS Orientation,
  Social Media Integration
  Language  English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese


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