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Lighting Navigator App

Lighting Navigator App – Lightstandard (DIN 12464) always in process

You have to do professionally with light, sell and advise. To do this, you should have knowledge of the lighting standards for professional advice. What is the minimum illuminance and minimum colour reproduction index required in depending on the lighting situation?

The most common lighting standards are stored in the Lighting Navigator App. In particular, the EU applies din 12464-1 and-2.
This means that you have the information you need in just a few clicks and can be more convincing when talking to customers.

If you already have a Asensetek light spectrometer like the lighting Passport series, you can immediately measure the current situation as well. The app will then show you the target values. 

You dont have a spectrometer yet, so you can get for this app also an inexpensive device with the same name.

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Functions of Lighting Navigator App:

  • Mobile Lighting Consultant: To advise, plan and implement the right lighting situation based on lighting standards.
  • Lighting Quality Manager: The quality of the light sources can be measured on site, selection of suitable luminaires that fit the existing situation
  • Selection Help: Simple comparison of different luminaires
  • Creating databases
  • testing, analysis and evaluation of light sources

Compatible Devices:

iPhone 5s and the successors
iPad mini 2 and the successors
iPad (5th generation) and the successors
iPod touch 6 and the successors

For the best user environment, we suggest you to upgrade your Apple devices to the latest iOS version.

Supports Android 5.0 (and newer) devices with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)


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