Light Cube

Lightcube Asensetek

Asensetek Light Cube –   light and spectrum simulator

Simply create your own lighting

The Light Cube is a light simulation system consisting of
– A light simulator for generating light
– A Smart Spectrometer for Light Measurement, the Lighting Passport Pro and
– Spectrum Genius Light-Cube (software for light analysis and manipulation)

These three units together form a control loop with which you can create a wide range of light conditions

A special feature of the Light-Cube system is that the corresponding spectrum is set by means of sliders or lighting technology and is held by a control circuit with a spectrometer.

Spectrum Genius Light Cube



The Software

By controlling the „Spectrum Genius Light Cube“ software, the system easily simulates light sources of all kinds such as LEDs, fluorescent tubes, energy saving lamps, halogen lamps and other conventional lamps.

You can also use the Spectrum-Genius-Light Cube software to adjust your lighting parameters as you like, and create your own unique spectra.

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The application areas of the Light Cube:

  • Light research (universities, universities …)
  • Simulations with black emitters (plank emitters)
  • Plant growth research / greenhouse lighting
  • Human Centric Research
  • Study lighting
  • Fashion Industry / Shows, Exhibitions, …


How it works:


1. Light Cube
The Light Cube spectral power distribution simulator produces light with the parameters set in the PC software, including CCT, CRI, Duv, illuminance, Spectrum, PPFD, and TM-30 Rf/Rg

2. Lighting Passport Pro
The Lighting Passport Pro smart spectrometer samples and measures light information from the Light Cube and sends it to the PC Software

3. Spektrum Genius Light Cube PC-Software
The smart tunable PC software communicates with the Light Cube by sending data adjustments feedback control to generate the best simulation results as possible.

Technical data of the Asensetek light Simulator:

* Smart Tuning Mode uses our own patented technology and algorithm to find out the optimal solution.

Light Cube Specifications  
Size & Net Weight 300 × 300 × 200 mm, 7 kg
Wavelength Range 380 – 780 nm
Tunable Channel 11
Channel Resolution 10 bit (1024 steps dimmable for each channel)
Lifetime >10,000 hours
Smart Tuning Range CCT:2,000 ~ 10,000K
CRI (Ra):60 ~ 100
Duv:-0.05 ~ +0.05
CQS:60 ~ 100
TLCI(Qa):60 ~ 100
TM-30-Rf:50 ~ 100
TM-30-Rg:60 ~ 140
Max Flux and Illuminance 6,500K:1700 lm, 1 meter:850 lux
5,000K:2400 lm, 1 meter:1250 lux
Short-term stability 6,500K<±10K, 5,000K<±5K
Illuminance <±0.5%
Long-term stability 6,500K<±25K, 5,000K<±15K
Illuminance <±1.5%
Electrical 110/ 230V, 50/ 60Hz, 150W Maximun
Connection USB Cable, Wireless Control (Option)
Operating Temperature/
Humidity Range
0 ~ 35 °C, relative humidity under 80 % with no
Storage Temperature/
Humidity Range
-10 ~ 45 °C, relative humidity of 85 % or less (@ 35 °C)
with no condensation
Scope of Delivery Light Cube, Power Cord, USB Cable