Handheld Spectrometer Application

Handheld spectrometer for versatile use


 Sales using handheld spectrometer

Handheld spectrometer Lighting Passport helps selling luminaires

  • Discovered the differences in quality of LED products ( cheap compared to inexpensive quality )
  • Light is not just light : The color rendering index ( CRI Ra ) is an important parameter for color fidelity , especially in relevant exhibitions .
  • With the handheld spectrometer , the customer is satisfied quickly . Even without extensive technical knowledge of light .



Hand held spectrometer in various applicationsDeveloper of LED lamps

  • Rapid monitoring of results during development. even without laboratory appointments
  • Especially with “ Tuneable White “ can changes in color temperature to be remeasured immediately .
  • Handheld spectrometer shorten the developing period





Retailersretailing better with Lighting Passport

  • Rely no longer on the information in the technical data sheets , or what will tell your supplier .
    Now you can check the information at any time with your handheld spectrometer Lighting Passport.




spectrometer for quality check

Manufacturer of lights

  • Quality control of incoming components and LED modules
  • Quality inspection during production and before delivery





Lighting designerSmart_spectrometer for lighting designers

  • Often a customer wants an expansion of its existing lighting or exchange .
    Differences in the color temperature of lighting should be avoided.
  • Now you can check the photometric performance of existing lights on site.
    Even changes caused by aging can be recognized.


spectrometer lighting passport for film and photo


Film and photo industry

  • for a simple measurement of the light , to facilitate the selection of lighting for film or photography
  • Handheld spectrometer includes TLCI and there is also dedicated studio app „SGS“ available.





Greenhouses , plant breeding , plant industrySGAL best for plant growing

  • for selecting the right plants and plant light bulbs .
  • Plants require an optimal light , enhanced by Lighting Passport handheld spectrometer increas the plant growth.

read more: SGAL Introduction





Lighting Passport helps to improve the quality of light.


" Only what can be measured can be improved. "



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