Asensetek Smart Spectrometer Compatibility

Ensuring Device Compatibility for Smart Spectrometer Products:

Asensetek’s Smart Spectrometer product can be used with the device of the iOS 10 and above version, as well as the device of the Android 5.0 and above version with BT4.0 (BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy) module.

See if your device works with Spectrum Genius APP by checking the list below. The devices are ordered alphabetically (A-Z) by supplier name.

Smart Spectrometer Compatibility iOS devices:

Supported Devices (Current as of December 2017)*

No Supplier Model Current OS
1 Apple iPhone 5 10.0.0
2 Apple iPhone 5c 10.0.0
3 Apple iPhone 5s 10.0.0
4 Apple iPhone 6 10.0.0
5 Apple iPhone 6+ 10.0.0
6 Apple iPhone SE 10.0.0
7 Apple iPhone 7 10.0.0
8 Apple iPhone 7+ 10.0.0
9 Apple iPhone 8 10.0.0
10 Apple iPhone 8+ 10.0.0
11 Apple iPhone X 10.0.0
12 Apple iPad mini 2 10.0.0
13 Apple iPad mini 3 10.0.0
14 Apple iPad mini 4 10.0.0
15 Apple iPad 4 10.0.0
16 Apple iPad 5 10.0.0
17 Apple iPad Air 2 10.0.0
18 Apple iPad Air 3 10.0.0
19 Apple iPod touch 6 10.0.0

Smart Spectrometer Compatibility Android devices:

Supported Devices (Current as of December 2017)*

No Supplier Model Current OS
1 BLU R1 HD 5.0
2 HUAWEI Y7 5.0
3 LG G3 5.0
4 LG G4 5.0
5 LG G5 5.0
6 Nexus 5 5.0
7 Redmi Note 4X 5.0
8 Samsung Note 3 5.0
9 Samsung A5 5.0
10 Samsung A7 5.0
11 Samsung S8 5.0
12 Sony Z1 5.0
13 Sony Z2 5.0

How to check the system version of a mobile device:

– iOS: Settings > General > About > Version
– Android: Settings > About Phone > Android Version

This product is compatible with most smartphones currently available on the market. However, due to differences among phone brands, models, and settings, compatibility cannot be guaranteed for every smartphone. Prior to purchasing this product, we kindly ask that you double-check to ensure the compatibility of your device.

If you are unsure whether your phone is compatible with Spectrometer, please contact your local distributor for more information.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connection Issues with Spectrometer:

1. Check whether Spectrometer is sufficiently charged and powered on.

2. Check whether the Bluetooth functionality on your mobile device is enabled. Bluetooth must be switched on to establish a connection.

3. If your device was previously paired with Spectrometer, you can remove the saved connection through the Spectrum Genius app > Settings > Clear Saved Connections > Remove paired device. This will allow you to re-connect your device to Spectrometer.

4. If you encounter a “Connection Failed” or similar message, first close the app and power off Spectrometer. Next, re-launch the app and open up the “Connect / Bluetooth Pairing” page. Then power on Spectrometer once again.

5. If an error message such as “Connection Timeout” appears, first power off Spectrometer, wait a few seconds, and then power the device on again. This will ensure that the device can be properly connected.

6. If you are still having difficulties, try re-starting or powering your device on and off again, then re-pair the device.