Asensetek 5th Anniversary Promotion

Promotion Asensetek 5 Anniversary








Asensetek PROMO Period:

July 17th, 2017 ~ August 31st, 2017

To celebrate Asensetek’s 5th anniversary and express the gratitude for customers’ substantial support, we are going to launch a promotion which is worth a total value of up to US$ 900.


Starting from 17th July, you can get the time-limited discount on Lighting Passport Pro Essence.

By completing online warranty registration at Asensetek and uploading screenshots of social media posts after purchasing, you can get additional software (Maximum value of US$ 249.)

Please refer to the qualifications below.


5 Giveaways:

    Special Price: List Price:
1 Lighting Passport Pro Essence from Asensetek 899€ 1199€
2 Spectrum Genius PC Advanced (Purchase with Lighting Passport Pro Essence) 199€ 499€
3 Tripod Adaptor Free 44€
4 TM-30-15 Measurability. (iOS/Android either one) (via Product registration) Free US$ 50
5 (Choose 1 out the 4 SW below) (via Product registration)
Spectrum Genius PC Standard (Windows)
Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting (iOS/Android either one)
Spectrum Genius Studio (iPhone/iPad either one)
Spectrum Genius Transmittance (iOS)
Free US$ 199
US$ 199
US$ 199
US$ 99



Step 1: Make and share your public post “I love Lighting Passport” and tag two friends, screenshot on Facebook or Linkedin, and upload it to product registration page.

Step 2: Register your Lighting Passport Pro Essence from Asensetek and choose the software you want to have. We will then send you the Redeem Code to your provided email.